Top 5 running Pakistani dramas revolves around social malicious reality and we can’t help but agree!

Pakistani dramas have always been appreciated worldwide owing to their sartorial directorial skills,script,screenplay and characters that resonates with the theme of the drama. All these elements made us all drama buff and we tend to follow them no matter what. Taking our time out from hectic schedules and spend our time in front of screens is certainly not an easy task but we are compelled to do so due to flawless content and acting chops of our ace actors lit up the frame and taking us by storm. Nevertheless, some dramas are entertainment based but there are many dramas hitting all the right notes and creating an awareness which was somewhat overlooked our biased society! 

Not only norms, we are thankful for the dramas that revolves around brittle realities of life and society and are not spoken of. Indeed, it a need of hour to be open about brutality that has been practiced for quite a long time. 


A well observed phenomena in our society, ENVY ( to be jealous of someone’s belongings) Has been perfectly curated by this drama serial as it definitely highlights the malicious behavior and unable to see anyone contented. HASAD is a drama that showcases the true dilemma of our society that needs to be taken into account and aware people how it can destroy lives of people. Apart from that, it is strictly prohibited in our religion. Aiman Khan and Arij Fatima are playing the lead role in the drama and living up to the criteria of serving us with the best of acting chops! 

Surkh Chandni: 

Till now, many girls have lost their happiness owing to this hideous crime done by uneducated, egoistic and slave to their selfishness so called lovers. Surkh Chandni is the very first drama in Pakistan that illustrates the social evil prevails in our society and there is no stopping it. In this era of awareness, we are still under it’s curse, it should be brought into light and eliminated from the roots and that’s exactly this drama serial is up to! 


A promising actress and extreme talented host, Saba Qamar has gotten our attention by this valiant drama and her expressive character that stood against evil and brutality. Fighting hard to let people the hidden face of criminal roaming around in the house. She is adamant to bring forth the truth no matter how much she would suffer! 


A drama that incorporates the condemnable acts among teenagers and college goers, as mostly girls of this age do not know how to deal with people and judging them appropriately. Many mishaps take places and eventually burdened the family because of their foolish acts. A story about two best friends and betrayal would leave everyone thinking and probably relate to it! 

Dare khuda se: 

Thanks to #metoo movement that sexual harassment at the workplace has lessened tremendously but still this social malicious behavior sustains at many places. Sana Javed is being victimized to this harassment but still can’t say it openly but it also portrays a good message for all the girls to speak up against it no mater what, without having fear. Imran Abbas is doing pretty well in a negative character which is quite challenging!

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