Top 5 quirky walks & memorable moments at FPW 2019 that you must witness: Loved these moments straight from the ramp!

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Last week fashion bar has been elevated to ultimate height as FPW 2019 curated upcoming winter trends that got our consideration. Pakistani well-celebrated designers have assembled astonishing designs and tapestries on ramp collaborated with ace celebrities. Speaking of which, we have observed various alluring moments that caught our attention but not in terms of fashion hues. From quirky walks by ace celebrities to emotional connectivity, this FPW 2019 has served us some captivating yet memorable moments.

Here are few exhilarating moments you must take a look at!

1. Ali Abbas & Waseem Abbas:

If we say it is the most emotional moment of the fashion show, it would not be wrong.Ali Abbas seemed to be more than proud to walk with his father Waseem Abbas. Hugged at the ramp, this moment was quite overwhelming for the actors and attendees too.

2. Ali Safina’s cool quirky dance:

The most energetic actor and host Ali Safina did a quirky appearance at Fpw2019 with some groovy dance moves and exhilarating vibes, made everyone jump off our feet. His wife also captioned it in a hilarious way as she shared his picture.

3. Asad Siddique & Zara noor Abbas adorable moment:

A fascinating moment shared by actors Asad Siddique and Zara Noor Abbas at Fpw2019. Their alluring chemistry has been applauded by attendees and celebrities. Zara Noor Abbas kissed her beau on his cheek while he walked for a designer.

4. Model Subhan’s turns out be gentleman:

Subhan Awan turned out to be a gentleman as he helped his fellow model who broke her show while walking for a designer. He stopped at the ramp and carried his heels,made it easier for her to complete her walk.

5. Shaniera walked with yoga tights and joggers on:

Shaneira took everyone’s attention owing to her immaculate style stature. She walked on the ramp with yoga tights and blue sneakers with traditional attire. This moment was so fascinating!