Top 5 Pakistani dramas that are in trending 2019: Seems like dramas are ruling the hearts ONCE AGAIN!

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We are well aware of the fact that we are addicted to fascinating drama lines and acting chops portrayed by our exhilarating top notch celebrities. Though Pakistani Dramas have always mesmeized us via respledent screenplays and heart touching stories, there are some specific genres and issues on which dramas are based and we are gushing over them whole heartedly. Curates all the star studded cast with amalgam of great directorial skills to highlight the sensitive issues prevailing in the society in the most representative manner.

Making headlines every now and then, there is an array of drama that has got attention of millions of people within and outside the region. Here are some of the dramas that has created hype and compelling us to follow them with zeal and passion.

Gulo Gulzar:

A story of two dearest friends namely Gul and Gulzar, but one of them betryed another friend and the things went wrong ending it all with ruining the life of her friend. Kinza Hashmi and Saboor Aly are portraying as two best friends, Kinza is playing positive role whereas Saboor Aly can be seen in negative one. The story is getting intereting with each episode as the true colour of Gul (saboor Aly) has been noticed!


Created a buzz in the field of dramas, Cheekh is turned out to be a massive hit owing to its starlet cast and exemplary storyline that has been accepted and hit all the right note. Saba Qamar has done an exceptional acting while standing up against her family to get justice for her friend.


This eveil persists in our society at large and we cannot deny this fact that it is observed in every family. Not much people are contented over other relatives getting rich or being loved! So relatable to our present society norms, this drama Hasad has allowed yus to look deepily into the matter.Minal khan and Arij fatime are sharing the screens and nailing their characters completely!

Surkh Chandni

Touched a very sensitive topic to even talk about but it was a need of the hour to accentuate the issue to protect the women from this violence once and for all. Sukh Chandni revolves around a girl who rejects the proposal of her relative eventually suffered consequences in form of acid attack!

Deeware Shab:

Most anticipated drama has been on air now and it’s been widely accepted by the people as it incorporates flawless star studded cast in serious roles. From Bushra Ansari to zara Noor Abbas, the

legendary actors have left no stone unturned in bringing the best on screen and made us walking down the memory lane of vintage era!

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