Top 5 mehndi designs to flaunt this Eid 2019: Ebuzztoday made it easier for you to choose!

Eid is all about greetings, infinite love by your family and loved ones, personal gatherings and gifts especially GIFTS! No, just kidding, it’s just the love you get from everyone around you and those vibes of being one! Eid is the festival which we perceive as mostly related to women and their inclination towards looking exquisite from the rest of the clan. Planned their outfits for whole month with matching accessories to correspond, no Eid is complete without enticing mehndi designs on hands and even on feet. Having saying that, we are pretty much sure that men also encourage women to go for it to relish the essence of Eid in the best possible way. Apart from the fact that some of them do not like the fragrance of it but yeah, they have to bear with it no matter what as they love the designs too! 

Asian Countries are obsessed with mehndi, women tend to apply it on their hand and feet in order to pull off the beauty that is definitely enhanced by mehndi. Alluring designs from different cultures and regions have further accentuated the trend and not only traditional oriented ladies flaunt mehndi, modern age women are also embracing flawless mehndi designs. 

These top 5 mehndi trends are our favorite and we are definitely recommending it for all of you girls out there who wants to stay in trends with the best mehndi design!!! 

But we have also incorporated that can’t go out of fashion when it comes to mehndi designs 

Floral mehndi: 

Whether small or giant flower pattern in mehndi designs, we have to admit the fact that we love them utterly and can’t get enough of them. Curating the contemporary trend into vintage ones, turns out to be something jaw dropping. The floral designs look flawless, we would recommend you to choose traditional pure mehndi for that not the artificial colours. 

Patterns of leaves and chains on fingers: 

To accentuate the back of the hand, the hottest trend in mehndi design is filled up fingers, if you don’t ant you hand to be empty at the bottom you can add Thappa, a small one would suit but we would love to have chain patterns of mehndi on our fingers or abstract leaves filled with tiny dots of glitter to further enhance the look! 

Arabic designs: 

No, this design can never go out of style and we know that all girls would nod as well. Channeling the perfect look of your hand via this Arabic bold design is all you can ask for! A perfect design to resonate with your dress designs and fabricate the beauty of your hand predominantly! 

Glitter intricate designs: 

Recently, we have been witnessing a trend that is simply alluring and we are swooning over it. Now we can add up glitter patterns too in various colours to make it more worth watching and relishing at the same time. Nothing can beat the glitter, remember that! 

Thappa designs: 

Aren’t we just in love with Thappa design since our childhood? We have been loving it even when our moms used to apply it on their hands and we crave to have that same look at our hands too! Thappa is that versatile design that can be molded into any style type and it has no match! Even today, our first priority is to have that Thappa in delicate form at the back of the hand! 

These all designs have their significance and we just love to apply them all but we have to chose one, don’t we? Do share these designs with your friends if you want yourself and them to flaunt 2019 mehndi trends but an advice, never go for chemical mehndi to get colour instantly! 

Eid Mubarik!!

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