Top 5 hottest summer hair trends 2019 pulled off by celebrities! Here you go.

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Girls would nod hard on this fact that when your hair doesn’t resonate with your personality or you having bad hair day, there isn’t no chance that you would be having a great day! Agreed? Nevertheless, we are here to sort out your hair problems with illustrating just the right way to handle your hair with sleek hairstyles and cuts that would correspond with hot scorching heat in summers 2019. Apart from the fact, dressing should also go with your looks, we would recommend you to take good care of your wardrobe keeping in view the hairstyle you are going to get. Summer season has always been associated with change of makeover and looks and why not? We can definitely play with a thing or two when it comes to looks and it never disappointed us in any case. 

Just don’t let this summer go that easy, make the most out of it by donning flamboyant look along with stunning outfits to go with. Taking into account the demand of the season, you shouldn’t only spin your wardrobe but it’s also time for you to have a hair flip in the stylish way. 

Here are some celebrities as well that have gone through makeover just by innovation in their hairdo and haircuts predominantly. 

Trends to follow: 


Blunt-cut edges: 

Challenge yourself and just go for this good to go sassy haircut this summer as it allows you go out of the mainstream and be yourself. Blunt-cuts edges are the chicest especially when you want to feel classy as well as comfortable. Iqra Aziz seems to be in love with these and has been flaunting it for a long time. Have a look and get inspired! 

Curtain long/short bobs: 

These bobs have been in trend for a while and girls can’t just get over this style as it is the most stylish and exotic hairdo to pull off in summers and it would go with eastern and western both,so why not? 

Make your face slimmer and stunning with this exhilarating hair trend that would make your personality shine bright. Iqra Aziz, again, has flawlessly making it worthwhile and make us go swoon over persona with every bob she takes! 


Who can say no to layers? Every girl’s weakness we would say! Especially girls who want to change their look in summer without getting much playful with their luscious hair. Then this is the perfect cut for all of you girls! What you can do is that you can add up a nice colour or streaks to your hair and there you go, your look would be changed enough to garner praises, we bet! 


Ponytails or sleek buns: 

How cute and adorable you can imagine yourself to be? The only way to get it right is to pull off a nice messy or sleek ponytail either at the top or sideways according to your personality and trust us, this is the hottest and trendy hairdo for the summers. P.S. Boys are also in love with this cute hairdo (wink) 

Mawra Hoccane,Hina Altaf and ayeza khan recently pulled it off in their Instagram feed, the sleek styled buns and low ponytails, we are drooling over them! 

Braided looks: 

Whether in a casual gathering or in formal events, sleek or messy braid look of every kind never goes out of league. From French braid to dutch braid, each style has it’s own edge and we totally admire the alluring hairstyles that can be made out of the braids. Here we can witness some celebrities pulling it off! 

Urwa Hoccane and \’|/ Hayat have been seen flaunting the braid looks effortlessly!