Top 5 celebrity siblings: Who is HIT, Who is not! Let’s have a sneak peek!!

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Our Pakistani entertainment fraternity is nothing short of extravagant platform to celebrate talent without any discrimination. Curating the exceptional artists with the right treatment, Pakistani Industry has evolved into a mature regime from quite some time. Speaking of which, we have observed various actors, artist and celebrities that have influenced us in one way or another. This Industry totally runs on merit and talent, as we have witnessed many siblings working in this field. But the true game changer is the talent, if one proves it’s mettle and became successful, it doesn’t mean that other sibling would gain as much fame as his brother or sister.

Here is the list of celebrities who have lesser known brother or sister!

Shahzad Sheikh & Momal Sheikh:

Both surely attain the exceptional talent of acting, but Shahzad Sheikh seems to have more fan following and appreciation as an actor than Momal Sheikh. He has performed wide range of distinctive characters and also worked in a movie which was hit on box office.

Hamza Ali Abasi & Fazeela Abbasi:

Who is not aware of the contributions of talented Hamza Abbasi in acting and showcasing his political views bluntly on social media? Whereas, his sister Fazeela Abbasi doesn’t gained much attention!

This heartthrob has recently tied knot with actor Naimal Khawar and is making headlines!

Syra Shahroz & Palwasha Yousuf:

The bubbly girl next door Syra Shahroz has been working in the dramas for quite some time. Owing to her exotic looks & influential acting, she has made her mark in short span of time. While, her sister Palwasha is not that much renowned and hadn’t attained fame as Syra does.

Sarah Khan & Noor Khan:

After giving back to back successful hit dramas in a row, the actress Sarah Khan has won hearts of millions within no time. Graceful persona, flawless acting skills and exceptional aura, Sarah Khan achieved milestones. Whereas, Noor Zafar Khan is still in her struggling phase and not that much popular among masses.

Meesha Shafi & Faris Shafi:

Melodious singer Meesha Shafi ruled the entertainment Industry the moment she stepped in the realm as a successful singer and honorable judge. In contrast, Faris Shah did not get that much acknowledgement and appreciation by the people.