Top 5 beauty bloggers in Lahore taking Instagram by storm: Here is Ebuzztoday ROUND UP!

Blogging has abruptly turned into a whole new profession these days and it has no doubt captured the attention of significant highest quality brands in Pakistan. Girls have found a way out to express their talents and skills in secure manner. Highlighting their fashion statements, style in trend and beauty hacks that are beneficial for us to stay updated and flawless curating the perfect good to go looks to flaunt. 

Questions about makeup brands and how to apply them Perfectly are frequent and to end it all up by giving them right solution, these beauty bloggers are creating best content to make you feel like a diva! 


A profound makeup artist, fashionista and a music person,Nayab Yasir,Simply amazed by her astounding work as she creates bold makeup statements with utter perfection. Pulling it off like a boss, She has uploaded quite helpful makeup tutorials on her Instagram that would help you accentuate your glam game right on point. One thing that got our attention is her exquisite way to use the highlighter with epitome of perfection. You can even get personal makeup classes from her in minimal price range. 

Here are the products and brands she mostly uses! 

Ttcosmetis, Maybelline,arqozmetic,glamgirlzbymahwish and Huda beauty! 

Here is the link to follow this beauty to get more of the valuable tips 

Sameera Shaheen Malik: 

Crossing over 15 k followers over Instagram we are undoubtedly impressed by the valiant use of makeup in her content! Sheerly enthralled by her easy to follow makeup routine and what’s so exciting about this beauty blogger is that she has outdone in creating the most exemplary eye makeup looks. Bold, vibrant and exotic colours played well with captivating giltz to add up. If you are looking to have gorgeous eye makeup look, she is making it quite easy for you guys! 

For detailed reviews, must check out her page to update yourself! 

Here are some brands she is using: 

Flauntnflutterbyreem,azallcosmetics,luscious,too faced, ttcosmetics,fentybeauty,kryolan,Anastasia,zayfied 

Here is the link: 

Makeup by Marium: 

Exuding the best makeup techniques to her followers, Mariam is exceptionally running her blog with opulence. Interesting thing that garners our praises is her way of showcasing the product in detailed manner and making it super easy for you guys to flaunt the professional look with ace products at home in no time. If you are looking for summery yet refreshing look to pull of in terms of makeup then she is leaving no stone unturned in bringing you the easiest way to get it! 

Her main forte is playing with vibrant colour range rather than neutral ones, it’s time to get bold with makeup by marium! 

She is brilliant in creating flawless looks while doing a product review, do check out her link below to get the look you desire! 

Products she often uses: 

Beautify by Amna,Huda beauty,elfcosmetics,colour pop cosmetics,luscious, rivaj cosmetics,norvina,beauty big bang 

Pretty Little Tips: 

Well, you surely can pretty phenomenal makeup tips from this alluring blogger, highlighting the spot-on makeup look to sport this summer season, it mostly caters subtle, glowy and decent makeup that has been illustrated well by this beauty blogger. She is basically lifestyle blogger but she is channeling her talent in makeup arena as well and damn she is doing in such a professional way, Hats off! 

Approached by top notch brands for application and reviews, she is making statement looks by short tutorials and tips that are immaculate for all the beginners. If you want to have that zero natural, may be less caky look that most of the girls afraid of, this she would teach you how to play with makeup thoughtfully! Not relying on expensive products, Sana Aftab surely knows how to create a perfect look just by nominal brands and making it super easy for you to get the most out of it! 

Brands she mostly uses: 

Beautify by Amna,missrosecosmetics,huda beauty,loreal.rimmel,amrij cosmetics,maybelline 

Here is the link:

Makeup by Zainab Khalid: 

She got our attention owing to her graceful, elegant and subtle makeup hues that resonates with summer evening look perfectly.From Kim Kardashion look to bronze look,She aced every look hitting all the right notes. Summers just got better as we have stolen a tip or two from this stunning ameup artist. In love with glided and sultry eyelids? Well, she would make you feel like a diva if you follow her steps in Makeup!! 

The products she uses: 

Mac,hud beauty,luscious cosmetics,tarte cosmetics,Maybelline,too faced,soft glam. 

Here is the link:

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