Top 4 designers from PSFW 2019 who have showcased on point summer fashion statements: Should be you pick this summer!

Lahore has played a host for the immense event of fashion arena which is Sunsilk PFDC 2019, a platform that curates all the designs and patterns that are awaited by the fashion trend lovers. From top notch crème la de crème designers to spurring talent have explicitly manifested the imaginary canvas to the canvas of exemplary fabric that have brought the house down as the fashion is graced with elegance via their conceptual representation! Merging the traditional and western silhouettes into one collection has definitely raised the bar of fashion trends this time and we can clearly witnessing the on going transformation of extravagant statements meeting our day to day demands as our ace designers made it easier to carry it effortlessly!

Pertaining the glitz and glam of high street style simultaneously with the luxurious formal traditional have compelled us to put our hand together

Harder for us to choose but we had to pick top 5 designers to make it easier for you to have a look at if you are much conscious about your pick to pull off this season!

Zaha By Khadija Shah:

Loved by all the fashionholics out their-including us- we are swooning over the collection that has blinded us off by its glitz and glam attained much of the attention and we were just craving to have one of it’s outfit right away in our wardrobe. Proving its mettle to the fashion realm, the collection incorporates all the designs and patterns that resonates with summer vibes, it justified the animal patterns with polka dots that have accentuated the alluring collection even more. Zaha has hit the right spot!!

Kamiar Rokni:

Member of fashion council and spokesperson of PFDC, this ace designer has stepped ahead top bring another dimension to the fashion arena by his creative illustration turned into ultimate level of perfection. The collection incorporated multiple traditional textiles and treatments using the ancient art of block printing, the hippie chic sensibility of tie & dye and the richly decorative fabric of brocade, he presented a collection that was unapologetically eastern, within a modern sensibility. Stating the traditional hues into global patterns in such a manner that it changed the whole phenomena of contemporary fashion statements.

Saira Shakira:

Touching a completely fashion illustration and bringing it forth on ramp , ”the secret gardens” by Saira Shakira played with vibrant summery colour palettes to curate a sense of versatility and it outshines from the rest as it has Brazilian embroidery inculcated. The glam, floral patterns and wild vibes has justified the collection name secret gardens as it utterly magnifies the essence of wilderness along with sensuality!


Truly inspired by the enticing summer season ahead, Love life Lego is the name of the vibrant collection by the brand that illustrated the need to break to free type of vibes that also tend to make us groove

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