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Well well well! as we all know that Pakistani men are ranked the 3rd sexiest men in the world beating all the other studs the world used to look upon to, has now become the biggest talk of the mouth. Well we can’t blame them as we surely got the most handsome to melt for, no doubt why it keeps getting hotter in Pakistan each year. They do not only make our girls go all wow but they have seem to be working their magic overseas too. Now it was very very tough to decide who are the top 10, cause believe me girls, they are all so perfect! But let’s see who have made it up to our Top 10 most handsome male models list along with their insta id’s so you can catch up to them and stay updated!


  1. Shahzad Noor | @shahzad_noor

So starting off with our list the winner of back to back 2 model of the awards, the dashing Shahzad Noor took the lead with his killer looks and breathe taking smile making girls go all crazy for this stud. He is someone who can totally pull out any look, may it be classy tailored suit or maybe just a denim, give him anything and this man knows how to keep the viewers stunned with looks. He definitely took the hearts away and we can’t blame him for that, it’s just the way he was created so beautifully and perfectly!

 Emmad Irfani

 Emmad Irfani | @emmadirfani

Oh my, oh my! Who do we have here? Is that the winner of MTV’s most stylish personality and best male model at lux style awards’05? Oh yes it is the hunk who wowed people with his style and personality, oh those eyes and his serious look made him an overnight heartthrob. Emmad leaves no doubt why our men are 3rd sexiest!

Jahan e Khalid

  1. Jahan e Khalid | @jahanekhalid

Woohoo! Jahan-E-Khalid! Winning the best male model award with several nominations at HUM awards, moves this hottie with his neat rigid macho looks to number 3 on our list. This man has walked the ramps like he owns them, he has confidence, style and looks, oh my that’s a perfect package.

Abdullah Ejaz

  1. Abdullah Ejaz | @abdullahejazofficial

Those mystical blue eyes have to be the reason why he won the “Best Male Model” at the Lux Style Awards in 2006 and got Nominated again for Best Male Model of Year at Lux Style Awards 2011! Oh boy that perfect Jaw line, those deep intense look in his eyes! He is the man of dreams of many girls!

 Hasnain Lehri

  1. Hasnain Lehri | @hasnainlehri

Woah! Hasnain that look! Can you blame girls for dying to see him? If someone has got to be blamed then it’s definitely Hasnain for his looks! That look of try to resist me has said it all and I think has stolen many hearts too. Hasnain was not only nominated for “Best Model Emerging Talent – Fashion” in Hum Awards but also won the “Best Model – Male” at 3rd Hum Awards and has now being nominated again for the 4th Hum Awards. Now this man deserves to win!

Waleed Khalid 

  1. Waleed Khalid | @officialwaleedk

Ahem! Ahem! A tight fitted black shirt on masculine body, black leather gloves, black boots, a denim,a tough look and seriousness on face while leaning back on a heavy bike, isn’t that a part of a dream or something? Cause this dreamy guy has definitely pulled this macho look off in a perfection. Waleed is a fast emerging supermodel with his masculine, macho looks which has boosted him to given us a reason of why Pakistani were 3rd sexiest!

Muhammad Ali 

  1. Muhammad Ali | @muhammad_ali_offi_cial

Turning the heads around as he walks pass by Muhammad makes it on number on our list! Muhammad with innocent yet macho looks makes girls crazy about him, well his followers are one of the proofs that I am not lying about girls actually going crazy, well what can we do, our men are best at what they do!

Aimal Khan

  1. Aimal Khan | @aimalkhanofficial

Making hearts skip a beat comes Aimal Khan! This bad boy with dashing looks is hitting up the charts and making his way to the top leaving behind others but when else can he do when the competition is so tough! Always coming up with new looks this guy pulls out anything, literally anything! May it be a beard with long hear or short hair with no beard, this guy knows how to work it out in perfection!

Naeem Haque

  1. Naeem Haque | @naeemhaq

Who says architects cannot be hot? Yes that’s right! Naeem is not just a hot model but also an architect! Well we can surely say that this guy was constructed with a sexy architectural plan! He has already stolen many hearts and he keeps on doing that without much of an effort!

 Abdul Mannan

  1. Abdul Mannan | @abdulmannan101

Our rock star, the uprising heartthrob Abdul Mannan has also made it to our list! Well it was a very tough decision to choose all these men but how could we resist this man from not being in the list, come on that’s just impossible, just look at how good looking he is! He is all wow!

Okay now just like outside its getting really hot in here girls, so why don’t we just start following these heartthrobs to catch up on their new looks! Go follow them up on insta or snapchat, there is a lot more to see and a lot more to come and don’t miss up on our other top 10 lists!

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