Top 10 hypnotic songs for bridal entrance 2018: you will going to love all of them for sure!

Top 10 hypnotic songs for bridal entrance 2018: You will going to love all of them for sure!

This era is all about happening songs and cherishing moments in wedding whether it comes to dance performances in mehndi or entrance of bride towards groom, every aspect of wedding regale requires best list of songs that define every moment perfectly.So why not having the best entrance song when bride is walking down the aisle? Taking into account all the other aspects, we have selected a list of songs from Punjabi to English that is totally creating the best emotions at the background while bride is making her way towards new life! After having a look at this enthralled list you won’t be going anywhere else but to hear them closely and imagine your dream walk at the entrance! Way to go brides..


Djs’ get your playlist ready for the best moment of any bride unforgettable! 

Din Shagna da by Jasleen Royal:

Making to the top rank for wedding entrance song, this one is surely awesome pick for the bride background music for entrance as it totally objectifies the merriment of wedding and emotions of bride. Sharing a link below so you can listen to it yourself to get clear idea

Madhaniyan by Neha bhasin:

This folk wedding song is amazing when it comes to lyrics and soothing music, it take you to an emotional aura that relates to the wedding ceremony and keeping it happiness intact while bride walks towards the way to her ultimate destination- that is groom for sure!

Kabira encore version from jawani hai deewani:

This melodious song is all about acceptance of new life changing experience and how to embrace it with content and satisfaction. It’s a motivation towards reality of life and its best song if you will play it in background.

Jashne bharan from Jodha Akbar:

Every bride wants to feel like a princes at her big day and this is how it should be! So this song has a significant royal touch when it plays on! You can go for mere instrumental version of it as well! It showcases the glimpse of love, affection and happiness all at the same time!


1000 years by Christiana perri:

Apart from Bollywood or Lollywood songs at the entrance there is that new trend emerging abruptly, the English songs.We have witnessed many bride going down the aisle with their favourite English soothing songs that completely defines their feeling for their beloved. This song can be fantasized as a couple dance pick but it also caters fairytale ambiance for the bride.

Sky full of stars by Coldplay: 

An essence of positive vibes comes out whenever this song is played. Its deep symphony and adorable lyrics takes your imagination to the sky full of stars for sure! The song is an epitome of merriment and joyous moments that makes the bride relaxed and calm. You must give it a try to your entrance it would be no less than relaxing therapy!

Raabta from agent vinod:

This song creates a strong bonding to the groom as it truly elaborates the situation the bride is going through as she walks towards the stage. A slow walk arms in arms with your parents with this song playing at the background certainly steals everyone’s heart.

 Shubh Aarambh from Kai Po Che:

This is Gujrati song but it has flawless shehnai music that would create a sense of regale. The ultimate goal is to have that inner happiness coming out through best music and lyrics and this song caters it all. Happening as ever, this song is great for wedding entrance.We love its shehnai edge!


Lathay ki Chaddar: 

the most loved song of all times has its various versions from dancing edge to sufi charisma, this song inculcates all the style with perfection and its recommended by us for all the brides to make this song their entrance song!


Ghar Nari by Fareed Ayaz:

A fabulous wedding celebration special, a qawali that provokes us to get emotional and enjoyable at the same time. The mesmerizing voice of fareed ayaz gives us chills followed by soothing music to go with.

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