Tone up Your Emotional Muscle -One Day Seminar On Emotional Intelligence

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Emotions are the colors on the canvas of our lives. It is essential for us to identify which color, in what amount and at which precise moment may accentuate into the collective beauty of the picture of our life. This sublime skill to pick such colors intelligently is known as Emotional Intelligence. From career to relationship or office to home, it can affect every area of your life in both, positive and negative fashion. It can turn your career in to an ultimate success story should you practice it right,
conversely, it may very well fetch you the repute of an ultimate freak at your workplace. It can help foster your relationships in a fairytale manner and at the same time it has the ability to turn this fairytale into a “Clash of Titans”. Good news is that we all are equipped with this wonderful strength and all we need to do is to employ it tactfully.
This seminar is an opportunity for everyone and anyone who aspires to bring laurels in diverging spheres of his or her life including Career, Relationship, and Education etc.
Come and join us and venture back into your world as a brilliant employer of emotional intelligence, one who is capable of facing every situation of life with emotional grace and dignity to match. Get yourself registered as soon as possible as limited numbers of seats are offered for this invigorating ride.
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For Registration Please ContactKhubaib Kayani 03334668262
Asim Zubair 03234114255

email [email protected]

Location: Melange Beauty Lounge and Institute,

13-A New Muslim Town, Facing Canal Lahore.