Tipu Sharif makes comeback with new music video Lamhay


Syed Yorguc Tipu Sharif returns to the Pakistani music scene with his new song Lamhay which is accompanied by a well-crafted music video. Sharif’s last foray into music was his collaboration with Teen Nuktay on their song Kamlee. Since his last venture he has kept himself busy with his acting and working on his album Ilham. Lamhay is a beautiful melody interwoven with the story of how moments come and go but someone special makes everything worthwhile. The track is from his upcoming album Ilham which is expected sometime around summer. Tipu Sharif described Lamhay as a song that crosses generations. He says “It’s a simple melody that anyone could relate to. I believe that everyone has some memory that brings them happiness and Lamhay will surely take the listener to that happy moment. Till Ilham is released, Lamhay serves as an excellent teaser for what to expect from this talented actor and singer.

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