This new song of Baaji will make you believe in love: Meera has showed her stature!

This song serves all the vibes to make you fall in love again as it curates the legendary actress Meera showing her alluring moves and exceptional romantic aura in the song. Also it gives some edge of Bollywood song, it still maintains it’s uniqueness intact with flawless directorial skills. The song is so soothing and portraying the perfect image of a couple who has fallen in love. Northern areas and views have made us drooling over the theme of the song even more.

Meera and Osama Khalid Butt are enjoying every bit of it amidst captivating background and eyes glittering with the love for each other! We are gushing over this exceptional pairing and exhilarating towards the storyline and how is it going to be?

We are soon going to find out on 28th June, keeping our fingers crossed!

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