Things that we surely DON’T want to happen in next coke fest in Lahore Predominantly!

The biggest event of the year has ended up yesterday but made us thoughtful over certain things that are sure to be considered when the next coke fest would take place in Lahore. The most celebrated and anticipated event of the year comprising of 3 days has taken us all by storm and Instagram’s feed of people are filled with joyous moments they spent in the “party in the park” we would say! Moreover, food stalls of ace brands and scrumptious delights left us stunned for sure. Overloaded with the crowd as always coke fest has been a successful event so far but definitely should look up for the things that can be dealt well by the organizing companies!

This time the crowd and fans of legendary singers were swooning over the fact that these ace singers would be performing live at the event including Atif Aslam, Ali Azmat, Asim Azhar, Amanat Ali, Josh, Jimmy Khan, Jawad Ahmad, Quadrum, Natasha Baig, Jibran Raheel, Ragha Boys, and Ali Tariq.Well, we can blame some of the problems created by the over excitement of the people as well!


1. The prices of the items offered at the brands in Coke fest 2019 should be within nominal price range whereas the restaurants’ stalls have increased the prices which is definitely not affordable for most of the people.

2. Next time the things should be different from the previous coke fest, as in besides having 3 concerts on every day, everyday should be exquisite by curating different genres like it should be more of a theme-based event!

3. Only families and group of friends should be allowed to enter in such kind of public events so that it would be convenient for families to relish the event properly.

4. Last but not the least for sure, the miss management that has been witness lately, boys and girls were entering through the same gate which is not appropriate at all, utterly disappointed by the conduct and chaos it caused at the end. We would say it has taken down our high spirits of adoring the event

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