5 Things to avoid on a Super Hot Day

As the weather is striking up hotter and hotter day by day, all the fashionistas in the need to look good are struggling with the comfort and perfect looks for the summer. Well in this weather it is pretty hard to keep up with looking stunningly beautiful and feel comfortable at the same time. And this is the time when we all make mistakes in choosing in what to wear and what not to?

Now that’s a tough part here especially with the swinging hot weather in Lahore who doesn’t seems to cool down. Well a look isn’t worth carrying if by the end of the day we are going to feel itchy, hot, sweaty, uncomfortable and what not, you all know what I mean, that end of the day feeling when you just want to rip everything apart and lie down in a cool room for some comfort in this weather. Well here we have come up with simple 5 switches or things to avoid this summer to look flawlessly fabulous and feel comfortable about it.

Firstly what we go wrong about is our “Too-Tight Jeans” a.k.a skinny jeans.

Too-Tight Jeans:

Well there are occasions when girls would want to wear jeans in these hot striking days, probably for a party, a hangout or a day out. But with all the heat and humidity in these tight jeans will get you more and more restrictive as the day progresses and you’ll wish to not have opted for them at all. Come on you have got to give some space for legs to have some air passed on.

Instead, why not prefer a boot cut or flared jeans?


Now these jeans are more roomy, and catch up high on trend internationally and a perfect alternative for those suffocating too tight jeans, wear the jeans but wear the right ones and fly like a wind.

Now that you are right about what type of bottom to choose for your summer look, why not the perfect top too? Wear something light and breathable and avoid Silks.

Silk Tops:

Silk surely is an elegant must go on fabric for a classy day out but is it really worth it? Like really? Silk is that fabric which has the least breathability means lots of sweating and sweating resulting in ruining not only your dress but making you more restricted and your sticking on to you like its been glued making all your curves visible, now we don’t want that or do we?

Instead, try maybe something of cotton or linen?

cotton or linen

Now that just does not look pretty good, chic and stylish but also helps your body cool down and keep you away from embarrassing sweat stains. A styling with comfort, all that one needs.

Now we know what to wear but what color to wear is another big question? A little quick answer to that wear whatever you like but it should not be grey or black.

No Grey, No Black!

No Grey-No Black
Seemed like an obvious answer didn’t it? Well we all and if you don’t know then let me tell you that black attracts not only people but honey it also attracts heat towards it, oh yes it does. So no matter what you do, DO NOT, I repeat do not wear a black on a sunny day, it will only get you hotter and hotter minute by minute and grey being from its family will not only do that but being in a lighter shade will also show sweat stains, oh no, now that’s bad.

Instead wear summery white or something bright maybe?


This will not only help you stay cooler but will also provide a soothing look to the people around you, Man are there going to be some eyes on you today wearing these colors making people wish that they should have made this choice earlier today.

Above all we need shoes to walk around looking all pretty in our perfect summer outfits, now what we have been considering best for summers has turned out to be the worst shoes to wear on a hot summer day, yes we are talking about the strappy shoes girls are oh so crazy about.

Strappy-Dappy Shoes:

image1xxlYou don’t believe me right? I thought the same too but when you think about it then yes they are the Not’s for the summer. Now on a hot day these strappy special the ones with thin straps will dig into our feet in this hot weather, making us very uncomfortable and leaving marks on our feet, now taking them off ain’t gonna be pretty hun!

Instead try some sneakers or at least thick strapped shoes?

sneakers or at least thick strapped shoes

Now these thick straps won’t be leaving marks and left your feet have some air to breath, on the other hand oh these trending sneakers will outlaw your look and make you stand out and not only that they will protect your feet from heat and dust and keep them pretty as ever.

Now all these things makes a perfect look but is incomplete without accessories, yes the Do’s and Not’s for summer accessories we go wrong about.

Ring, a no no?

cute-ringsWell it’s a fact that our hands prone to swell in summers and shrink in winters changing our ring sizes hence in summers making our rings be more uncomfortable than ever before and causing an itch because of the sweat. Hence to avoid any such situation rings is a no no.

Instead attract people with some cool earrings and layered necklaces

cool earrings and layered necklaces

Now that’s what we are talking about, this does not involves any sizing issue and is what’s more noticeable than a ring, look hot, drive people crazy and do it right with the right things this summer. Look fabulous all the lovelies out there and have a happy summer! Till then Chao!

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