These Pakistani Celebrities hails Muslim man who saved Holy Quran desecration!

Humiliating Muslims and spreading Islamophobia have been led mostly by the white Non-Muslim men. In Norway, extreme anti-muslim campaign had been conducted in which the Muslims sentiments got hurt by Holy Quran’s desecration. Amidst this all, a brave Muslim young man jumped over the fence and saved the Holy Quran from burning. He attacked the person who belonged to the anti-muslim campaign and was trying to demean Muslim emotions.

These Pakistani top-notch celebrities have raised their voices against this blasphemy of Holy Quran and Islam took place in Norway!

DG ISPR Asif Ghaffoor:

Asif Ghafoor



Hamza Ali Abbasi:

Zaid Ali:

Veena Malik:

Waqar Zakar:

Zarnish Khan:

Imran Abbas

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