These celebrities took to social media by storm with their older versions via Face App!!

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Social media has raised its bar in terms of getting filled up with astonishing apps that have further elevated the standard of content on internet. Recently, an app named Face App has been introduced and it definitely got attention of million of people all around the world even ace celebrities as they posted their pictures on social media platforms using this fascinating apps. What’s captivating about this app is that it would rewind or fast forward your age and predict what would you be like when you’ll be at that age.

Many celebrities have used it and brought the house down and we are swooning over their vintage versions as they got wrinkled faces and old looks.

The list includes Arjun Kapoor, Adam Lambert, Jonas Brothers and our local celebs such as Fahad Mustafa, Junaid Khan and Faysal Qureshi.

In Bollywood, mainly Arjun Kapoor and Varun Dhawan aced it completely and shared their wrinkled, grey hair pics with these captions’ underneath!

Varun Dhawan:

“70 years of reebokXvarundhawan. P.s I didn’t stop training. Alot of people feel this is the way @anilskapoor will look when he’s 100,” he wrote.

Arjun Kapoor:

Just like his best friend, Arjun Kapoor too decided to share his old age photo and it will make you laugh. He captioned the photo, “Old age hit me like.”

Fahad Mustafa:

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Future is secure 😜 #FaceApp

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Junaid Khan:

Uzair Jaswal

Faysal Qureshi: