The Tea-Party fit for a Queen

By Meshezebel Jacob

Glancing at my watch, I pulled on my jacket and scarf to save my already wheezy chest from the wicked Islamabadi wind. Only 30 minutes to go till the Rendezvous’ Tea Party started. Once I had hauled out all my family members out of their workplaces, we were set towards the Goal Market.

The idea of a tea party in the late afternoon on a Tuesday was going to break the constant hum-drum of work-to-home-then-work routine that the four of us has submitted to. A high-tea in the middle of the day would surpass any chickening out with excuses such as ‘too tired to go anywhere after work’.

Almost an appetizer for us was the fact that an entire new look of the ambiance had been created just for the Tea Party. The high-tea area had a touch of finesse and formality.

When you await something with almost desperation in your heart, every minute takes an hour to finish. The long route made the anticipation of the tea party all the more worse. As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder, we longed to get to Rendezvous and then for a table to have the Tea Party.

Very helpful on their part, the management bent the rules for us. we just had to wait till the invited guests had left. What came after that was worth all the wait and momentary looks at the watch.

Going down the hi-tea lane, I had never seen a spread like Rendezvous’. Along with the usual samosas, pizzas, barbeque and pastries, there were more food items for a tea party lover. Deliciously so, we were served tea with American Chop Suey! The combination worked wonders. More tasty delights in the tea party were sweet and sour chicken. I was also inclined to taste the fried fish covered in a crispy coat of delicious delight.

For all the pretty ladies and the courteous gentlemen, there is Rendezvous; The Tea Party to indulge your prim and proper self. My own experience was nothing short of an incredible journey towards culinary perfection. The great new look of Rendezvous imprinted in my mind as one of the good memories and the food, well, I have already added it my diary of gastronomic joys.

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