The real reason why “Hairaan Hua” is removed from You Tube!

Coke studio season 12 is under hot water as one of the best songs of this season named Hairaan Hua has been removed from You Tube owing to the copyright claim from it’s original composer Abida Parveen!

Not by herself but her son claimed that by stating Abida Parveen’s son Sarang Latif said, “The rights to the composition [of ‘Hairaan Hua’] are with us, registered in my mother’s name. It’s my mother’s intellectual property and they [Coke Studio] did not take permission from us [to use it]. They must have thought this was a traditional or folk composition, but it isn’t. My mother composes 99% of her songs herself. For ‘Ghoom Charakhra’ last season, they explicitly asked for permission to use the composition and purchased it from us. We were also included in the process of how it would be used on the show. This time they didn’t even ask us.”

Well, we have observed that Coke Studio season 12 is highly inviting controversies related to copyright matter. It’s consecutively third song that has been taken down from You tube!

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