The Lounge by Depilex Men opened in Gulberg

Celebrating Depilex 35th anniversary, The Lounge by Depilex Men has opened up another branch of one of a kind salon for men in central Gulberg under the creative steering of Redah Misbah, the new creative director for Depilex Men.

 The Depilex Men’s Salon was initially conceived by Masarrat Misbah ithe year 2003. Her experience made her recognize the need for a top notch men’s grooming salon, one that had a calming ambience and treated it customers to the highest standards of service. Hence, we see that Depilex Men, since it’s inception has been professionally managed to maintain the highest standards and is currently operating successfully in Defence Z Block Lahore, Bahria Town Lahore, F-7/2 Islamabad, DHA Karachi and University Town Peshawar.

 The most recent addition to its goals is to create a truly masculine space that adheres to the complete range of any man’s need. While the initial focus remained on creating creating a comfortable experience from the use of leather sofas, refreshments and access to live sporting events, the focus now turn to providing the same comfort with a wider range of services.

 Depilex Men is committed to using top of the line products ranging from Label.M, Guinot, Dermalogica, Gilden Tree and the like. The Lounge carries carries a uniquely masculine aura even in the smallest of its details like the color scheme to the design of the coffee cups to color combinations and palettes used for work and customer stations.

 The aim and accomplishment for Depilex Men has been to provide a professional and relaxing place to rejuvenate for its clientele.

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