The legendary designer Nilofer Shahid showcased her majestic collection at BCW2018! Let’s have a sneak peek!

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Pantene Hum Bridal Couture Week has grabbed the attention of all the fashion industry as it still manages to maintain its position as the one of the best platform for all the veteran and new designers to showcase their best on the ramp! Happened amidst Mughal city of gardens it has rolled the carpets from 7th to 9th dec 2018 and not only the fashion industry but also Lollywood celebrities attended the brimming excitement of bridal attires making their way with showstoppers that elevated the grace of fashion even more.  It seems like our designers has besieged all the top notch actors from the industry to flaunt their outfits with star glam!

The show started off with flawless showcase of hair show brought to us by gigantic sponsor Pantene with the hairdo by Mehek Saeed and we were amazed to see the magnificent hair flips done by stylist as it surely stole our heart away! As the PHBCW started with the band, followed by this show was the collection of Nilofer Shahid who payed tribute to the Mughal Empress Nur jehan as she named the collection Badshah Begum!

Jahangir minted her name on the coin by the name of Badshah Begum that totally illustrated her powerful aura over the king as well. The collection outfitted the traits of one of the most influential empress of Mughal era! Nilofer Shahid totally nailed by turning it into amazing artistic fashion trends. Her valiant behavior towards every situation gained her a title of tiger slayer. Inspired by her majestic personality, her sense of fashion and jewelry trends at that time can surely vividly be seen in Nilofer Shahid vibrant collection that portrays her standards. Nur Jehan has definite inclination towards arts and literature and designer has elegantly displayed those apsects in her collection as it was studded with heavy Mughal style embroidery and embellishments that were old fashioned but still have their charm over us!

Mawra hoccane was the show stopper for nilofer Shahid at thefirst day of BCW