The Hangover 2

The Hangover is the sleeper hit of the summer, taking $105 million in just 10 days and outpacing recent comedy smashes Knocked Up and Wedding Crashers. A sequel has now been confirmed, so what can you expect from The Hangover 2?

The film’s director Todd Philips (Old School) said this week “We were thinking of sequel ideas when we were shooting, which sounds cocky, but we were doing it more because it was just fun to talk about ideas while hanging out on the set. Two weeks ago I was saying, ‘let’s see how it works out.’ Now that the movie has really connected, it’s something we’re doing for sure.”

He explained that shooting on ‘The Hangover 2′, or whatever it’s called, could begin as soon as next spring, and that all the main characters will return, “I wouldn’t do it unless all four guys were back,” he said. “I love The Hangover so much and I think we could crush it with the sequel. I’ve never had more fun making a movie, ever. Not that Old School wasn’t fun, but these guys were so hungry and ready to kick ass everyday. We just all gelled so well on this film.”

The cast themselves have ideas for the plot, all of which seem to, mysteriously, serve the character they are playing –

Justin Bartha (Doug the groom) says “I hope The Hangover 2 is just Doug, and he loses the three friends and has to go find them. I have a feeling that’s not what’s going to happen, and it might just be the same thing. Either way, I’m very excited about it.”

While Ed Helms (Stu) ponders “I think we would go take a submarine to Atlantis, and live with people that are half-person, half-sea horse. I’d probably hook up with Ariel the little mermaid – because she’s really hot, let’s face it. And there would probably be a little Caribbean crab that sang calypso songs.”

I’m not quite convinced, but it would be a weird place to wake up one morning.

Would you want to see a Hangover 2? What do you think should happen in it?

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