The Future is Female: #IamSatrangi Takes a Look at Some Amazing Women

Women are known to be skilled multi-taskers and bonafide dove-tailers. Whether it is taking care of a gazillion chores at home or tackling the varied agendas at work, women have been donning and doffing their multi-hued hats with flair. We are fortunate to live in an era that is becoming increasingly more dedicated to empowering the women around us and pushing them to reach for the sky. In an industry where the market trend leans towards objectifying women, Bonanza Satrangi is a breath of fresh air.

Excellence, innovation, value and style; Satrangi isn’t just a brand it’s a lifestyle dedicated to empowering women through design.  The number of working women and entrepreneurs in Pakistan have been on a rise, and their success stories continue to inspire and motivate millions more. This Women’s Day, Bonanza Satrangi honors such passionate women as ‘Bonanza Satrangi Women’ (#IamSatrangi) who have pushed the envelope and raised the bar in all avenues. 

Zarnak Sidhwa

Zarnak Sidhwa is a chef and a chocolatier; she made her TV debut with a cooking show Chocoholics on Masala TV. She rose to fame with Food Diaries and enjoys huge fan fallowing. Sidhwa was fond of cooking and baking; her family and friends motivated her do it professionally. She started her catering business that offered divine desserts along with special dishes on the menu. The show was a success and she established herself as one the best in the business. Zarnak’s sheer hard work and dedication makes her our ‘Bonanza Satrangi Women’.

Maliha Rehman                                                 

Writing or covering events is not as easy a feat as we think it may be. There are a lot of factors involved while covering a news piece, either in print or digital. However, there are certain personalities in the Pakistan’s journalism that deliver content with utmost honesty, grit, and perseverance. One such name is Maliha Rehman, a leading journalist and writer in Pakistan. She specializes in writing on fashion and lifestyle in leading publications and is considered one of the most inspiring female journalists of the country. Her work is well recognized due to her honest views that help in guiding the emerging industry. We wonder how she manages to pull this off #IamSatrangi.

Zenith Irfan

Zenith decided to fulfill the dream of her late father of traveling around the world on a motorbike. The journey was a huge step for a girl in Pakistani where it’s sometimes taboo for women to venture out alone. She embarked on a six-day journey to Kashmir and a 20-day adventure to the Khunjerab Pass on the border with China. She has taken two trips since then, riding into Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit Baltistan, completing 20,000 kilometers on her motorcycle. The daring Pakistani biker has left the world stunned; her incredible story is inspiring and she perfectly fills up the slot of Bonanza Satrangi Women.

Eman Khan

Women are born fighters and they are the real champion of our society. A woman fighting in a man’s world, Kickboxer, Eman Khan is one of them who inspire women not only from Pakistan but around the world. She feels exhilarating when in the ring, the amalgamation of physical and mental exhaustion makes her fired up. She doesn’t fear the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but fears the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times. Eman is surely a ‘Bonanza Satrangi Women’ as she resonates patience and perseverance.

Areeba Siddique

This young girl isn’t a regular human being. At a young age she surprised the world with her incredible art and illustrations that took over the internet by storm. She’s a feminist who keeps her culture and religion together and showcases snippets of herself, her art and inspiration. Her illustrations mostly depict women with ‘Hijab’ as she aims to clear the misconception that a covered Muslim woman isn’t an alien and should be treated as a normal person. An art child and the leader of ‘a gang of heartbroken kids,’ Areeba certainly is our ‘Bonanza Satrangi Women’.

There is no force more powerful than a woman who is determined to rise. Glass ceilings, patriarchy, gender pay gap, sexist workplace policies, and just male privilege – a lot of challenges dot a woman’s path to success, but many have taken on the mantle to power through them all and succeed against all odds.

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