The ‘F’ Factor

By Sahrish Riaz

When it comes to experiencing the finest Mediterranean food no one does it better than Veranda Bistro. The aroma of the freshly cooked sea food is as scrumptious as the culinary situated on the brink of the Mediterranean Sea. It is not just an ordinary cuisine, and when one refers to Mediterranean diet, it’s not about weight loss. It is in fact, a culture that celebrates food, family, friends and festivities. Veranda Bistro is all about this.

What an aura and ambiance, Veranda Bistro has created; an architecture that compliments the changing moods of local weather fused with an interior that gives comfort. Everything is done in style; the music, the menu and of course the management. All in all the oxygen in Veranda Bistro’s air is pure heart pumping to breathe in. There’s beautiful open area sitting arrangement and the sheltered warm illume lodge also.

Mediterranean servings are the nourishing embellishment to the soul. Serving specialty from the Atlantic and Mediterranean seas, Veranda serves South African soups, salads, appetizers, risotto and Pastas. The farm fresh poultry is done in traditional Mediterranean style, and unlike other places The Caesar Salad served here tastes as original as the soft sea-salty salad. When I first tasted the Caesar Salad-Smoked Salmon, I mused. Oh! This must be undercooked! But when I digested the small bit of it, I learned that; no, it is the Mediterranean fish in its perfect heat.

As you know the Mediterranean is all about the perfect heat and preservation of organic essence of the food, it is well served and garnished. Each presentation is a piece of art. The selection of mocktails at Veranda compliments the food menu. The Margarita has the indigenous Spanish bliss to it with a tangy base. It’s best to take the drink prior to the main course if you want the ecstasy to last longer. This does not end up here; the icy heat of Lava Gateau-ice cream will melt you as you savor each bite.

Veranda is a place to shed your Monday blues, to celebrate friends and family. The food invigorates and revitalizes if you drop in during work hours. The sitting outside will remind you of the café on the streets of Champs-Elysées.


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