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By Meshezebel Jacob

Opium Thai

There was more of anticipation rather than any premonitions. It was absolutely ecstatic and exciting when a friend tagged me along for scrumptious Thai lunch. Her offer was irresistible. To be blunt, I was clueless what Thai cuisine was all about. But since, I have heard of and seen Bangkok nights and its scrumptious cuisine, I took the plunge to treat my taste buds with what I have heard is the finest Thai restaurant in town; Opium Thai. Anxious! Impatient! Any novice like me would have felt nervous as this place is for the crème de la crème of the town. The aura and ambiance was absolutely comforting.

Get High! Yes, that’s what Opium Thai is all about. The idea is to lose yourself and let Master Opium treat you with mouthwatering delicacies. Bet me, food at Opium Thai draws you towards itself once you tasted it. By the second helping, you give yourself in to the effortless gratification of exotic Thai cuisine. It’s an addiction! There have been many before me and there will come many after me but when I call the experience a Thai elation, I speak for them all.

The delectable Thai food had to offer, made me lose myself to Opium Thai. It was nothing short of a paramount food experience. I must admit I was wrong to confuse Thai with Chinese. Opium Thai also known as Opium Asian Fusion has all on board; Thai, Chinese and Japanese. Each delicacy stands out. As for me, I had come with an ambition in my mind to discover town’s best Thai.

Though I declare myself Thai Food Virgin, I must confess I have had my share of guilty pleasures; Tom Yam! That’s my favorite one. Opium Thai’s Tom Yam comes in a couple of variety. Tom Yam Goong is a unique one with galangal as secret ingredient; a creamy white rhizome that make it hot ginger-peppery. Prawn Tempura was one of the starters that made me want to eat on. Served with delicious chili sauce, the prawns were lightly battered and cooked to perfection. A main course of steamed Red Snapper served whole was duly awaited. Served whole, the Red Snapper was drenched in a powerful scent of original Thai herbs and spices. It is well advised to let your desires relish the exquisiteness of Thai food and then conclude your meal with a dessert. Blueberry Cheese cake was a perfect package of happiness for a person who not just has a sweet tooth, but ‘sweet teeth.’

My first Thai experience tantalized my taste buds; an experience worth sharing with my friends who dare not take the plunge to tread over territories. Opium Thai conjures the most delectable Thai cuisine. It has a clear and undeniable aptitude for directing the senses towards a world of gratified palates.

My latest flare for Thai food makes me drop by at Opium Thai time and again to find that rapturous Thai ecstasy. The most amazing part is that I never have to say ‘Once More’ because of its generosity to give two in the price of one. One year old and going strong, Opium Thai  looks forward to serving the only authentic Thai cuisine in town addicting everyone to its timeless secrets of culinary expertise.

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