TENET Trailer: Revolves around reversing the flow of time! Here are the DEETS!

Christopher Nolan dropped the new trailer of TENET with John David Washington attempting at reversing the flow of time to prevent World War 3 from happening.

We must admit, the first trailer of Tenet left us scratching our heads. While it was obvious that Christopher Nolan was in his element, the trailer did leave us wondering what the hell was going on. However, the second Tenet trailer has provided some context to the imagery. The legendary filmmaker is back to testing the work of time (if you have forgotten, he played with the element of time in Inception) with Tenet and the new trailer teases how.

The new Tenet trailer reveals that John David Washington can reverse the flow of time. How? Well, you will have to watch Tenet to understand the physics of it. Why he will use his superpower? As per the trailer, a large conspiracy is at play with Washington in the middle of it. He is tasked to prevent a World War 3 from happening. While Washington plays the lead, he has the new Batman actor Robert Pattinson in tow, helping him achieve the task on hand. With ‘inversion’ and ‘reversing the flow of time’ the crux of the film, it would be safe to say that Nolan is presenting yet another mind-boggling masterpiece this year.

The trailer also features Elizabeth Debicki, Dimple Kapadia, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Clemence Poesy, Michael Caine and Kenneth Branagh.

The trailer ends with Nolan announcing that he is bringing the movie to the theatres. The line stands crucial because several international film markets have been shut owing to the Coronavirus outbreak. However, Nolan is hellbent on releasing his movie in July and in theatres.

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