Taylor Swift wants to sing in Bollywood movies

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Four times Grammy award-winning singer-actor Taylor Swift says she loves Indian music, and calls AR Rahman her favourite musician.

“I have heard a lot about AR Rahman. I think he is a fantastic musician. His music touches the soul. I would love to hear him live in performance once,” says the American star.

The 24-year-old says she plans to tour the country soon for concerts. So is she willing to collaborate with any Indian musician in future? “As of now, I don’t have any plans. But I am open to offers and learning a few Hindi words,” she says.

And is she open to Bollywood offers, too? “Yes, I have heard about Bollywood. Indian cinema has a lot of music and dance, which excites me. I think Indians share a big passion for song and dance in the movies, which I love. It is a great way of connecting with the audience.”

But she has her doubts about acting. “I am not sure about acting since I don’t speak Hindi. But I would love to sing for a Bollywood movie,” says the Valentine’s Day (2010) actor.

Swift’s love and admiration for India does not end at Rahman and Bollywood. She wishes to travel the country and try all kinds of Indian food, too. “I have heard a lot about the Taj Mahal, Kashmir, Delhi, and South India. I like historic monuments. They depict so much about a particular culture. I haven’t tried any Indian cuisine, but I have heard it is very spicy but tasty. I would love to taste some great Indian food. I am a travel junkie who loves to explore a lot of local food and style,” Taylor shares.