Tapu Javeri’s fixation with his new Mate has baffled everyone


Rumour has it that photographer extraordinaire Tapu Javeri has a new fascination: a new Mate without which he refuses to do a photoshoot. The two are inseparable – and the industry is abuzz with wonder about who the new Mate is?

The guesswork isn’t resting as the avant-garde photographer insists on using his new Mate for clicking vibrant photos. It looks like anyone who wants Tapu’s adept skills will have to let both Tapu and his new Mate work together.

A little birdie has let out word that Tapu is embarking on sojourns to explore the world around him with his new Mate. Sources close to the photography virtuoso confirm that Tapu is drawing inspiration from his new Mate – as it truly compliments his persona.

Looks like everyone has to wait and watch with bated breath as Tapu reveals it himself.

Tapu Javeri is a renowned Pakistani fashion and art photographer, radio host and jewelry designer. Javeri has been described as a pioneer of photography and painting in Pakistan. He works as a freelance photographer, and was the photo editor of the Xtra magazine. He designs handbags, T-shirts and scarves for his label “Tapulicious”, and has also designed T-shirts for the Pakistani fashion designer Maheen Khan’s label “Gulabo”.

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