Tamasha’s new single is breaking the internet: Gear up to live in 2045?

Innovative video concepts and songs are applauded by Pakistani artist, Tamasha has turned our fascination into reality by this video. The hurdles, we face today as human beings and how adversely it is affecting us and our environment have been highlighted to some extent through this video. The Members of the band are portrayed as astronauts in 2045. Travelled to outer space donning astronauts’ suits and kind of saving the planet by restoring the atmospheric filters. Quite relatable to our present world situation and has been beautifully executed by the director.

The members top the mission includes Bilal Ahmad, Zahid Qureshi, Anas Lutfi, Haider Ali and Ali Raza Soomro. It pertains to showcase the real life problems that our planet faces owing to the destruction man has done. The team being the super hero trying to save the planet by discovering the alternatives to bring change.

The conceptual video has a distinctive edge which cannot be seen in any other video and using the computer graphics and illustrations, the video is a masterpiece in itself.

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