Taking to her social media, Emaan Suleman announced something exciting!

Known for her out of the box style statements and profound thinking over the matters, the renowned model Emaan Suleman has announced that she is going to knot with her close friend named Syed Jamil Haider and shared an overwhelming selfie with her future husband. She seems to be inspired by Hamza Ali Abbasi as she stated that,’’ taking another cue from Hamza’s book, for the sole purpose of making haram halal and pleasing God and her parents.”

She had shaved her head and showed us all how it affected her work and opportunities. She has been a valiant lady that does not care about any judgement by the people and just stay true to herself.

The primary reason of her getting married to her friend is that the society and parents do not allow them to have a live in relationship.


2 ganjus.

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