Taking down all the haters that trolled her of getting Tamghae Imtiaz! Mehwish Hayat speaks out loud this time!

Disgraced on social media platforms in terms of getting appreciation on national level, as she has been chosen foe receiving an award like “Tamghae Imtiaz” on 23rd march, Mehwish Hayat has been criticized by the people in Pakistan questioning her criterion or the credibility of getting this level of acknowledgement and somewhat get the negative views to such an extent that she slept her way to get this award which is highly insulting but look how bravely she took to Instagram an slammed down the haters that questioned her ability and hard work she has done!

In her recent Instagram post,”I feel I must address the nonsense that some people are spewing about my award. Debate all you like whether you think I deserve it or not, we live in a democracy and everyone is entitled to their opinions, I respect that. However, I do draw the line when my character is being questioned in the filthiest way. I never wanted to make this a gender thing but it is unfortunate that others seem to be,” she wrote.

“We may be part of an industry that is seen to be glamorous but, that doesn’t mean we have forsaken our morals. What gives anybody the right to drag my name into the gutter with crude insinuations? You don’t know me,” she posted.