Taher Shah did it again: This time you tube comments won over twitteratis’ memes!

One of the most awaited songs of 2020 has been released yesterday night and as expected doing rounds on social media owing to it’s exquisite animated video. Taher Shah who taught us the right way to look eye to eye and demonstrated the angel’s life, people were expecting somewhat more from his side. Least to be speculated is the urdu translation of his angel song released in 2016. Another disappointment was that he was not himself part of the video and fans are complaining. Taher Shah has always been trending whenever his new single is out but this time it’s disappointment more than fun. During this grim time, when everyone expected something unusual & hilarious, the latest song by the singer saddened many!

An animated video in which there is an angel prince riding unicorns and falling in love with the fairies, the video shocked us all with those graphics especially. The Urdu translation of the song angel has been highly criticized as we wanted to hear something else. Obviously, something out of the box and illogical!

This time you tube comments were more hilarious than twitteratis’ memes!

We are going to share some of the on-point comments from you tube that would make you laugh out loud. If the song was not enough to do that, the comments have outdone it this time!

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