The hottest topic of today is of one of the most talked about dulha’s in Pakistan ” Javed Nihari’s son”. The social media got crazy as soon as his pictures dropped in and we doubt if any one amongst you are deprived off this very sizzle.

Karachites are familiar with Javed Nihari but for other readers let us put a small introduction to them ( yeh tu banta ha). Javed Nihari is one of the most in demand restaurant which opens up at 8:00 am and closes at 12:00 am at night. Let us tell you a fact about Javed Nihari, you literally have to wait for the chairs to get empty and grab them before anyone else does. It’s more like you choose to loose or win here.

Javed’s Nihari is finger licking good and so he must have wanted his son’s marriage to be as unique as his Nihari. The wedding catched everyone’s attention as soon as the pictures popped up! Their were tremendous efforts to make it grand and majestic. The clothes were unique as well as eye catching. The bride as well as the groom were equally drapped in heavy wedding outfits. This is a fair deal isnt it? After a long time a man was seen to challenge what most woman do all the time.

The other family members were seen wearing colourful and heavy dresses too. To make it more happening,the ladies were seen wearing tiaras too (not coming slow at all). They were also wearing ek jaisay kapray! ( perhaps a symbol of unity or maybe they all wanted to look the same).
The bride and the groom looked happy together and more than anything this is what matters. Want or no, they got viral througout Pakistan. We wish them all the luck in the future and a prosperous tomorrow.
P.s we wonder if they had Nihari on their wedding ??!!

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