Sweet affairs, Affair to Remember

Saniya Waqar is not just dealing with our sweet-affairs but also with the complicated affairs of every single taste bud. From breakfast to dinner, you’re every choice and preference gets entertained here. When it comes to thin crust pizza, it’s always a risk to try a new place. But sweet affairs has a wide variety of taste and flavors which make it really hard to say no to this one. The mixture of mozrila and cottage cheese with the freshly boiled chicken and the dedication, these chefs put in making every pizza make everyone give their food one try at least. Even before the opening of Rice Bowl in Lahore, sweet Affairs started serving this playable dish which is loved by almost everyone visiting the place. Who does not like Chicken Lettuce wraps and Black fried potatoes in appetizers? Not just this, there is this huge variety in appetizers they are currently offering. Now, Imagine, what more the menu has to offer when it comes to the lunch, dinner or breakfast.

Because, we all know that, sweet affairs is basically known for “Meetha, from cookies to cream to chocolate, every desert is available to treat our taste buds with the best of the servings every week. Surprisingly, every desert has a reasonable price under 500. Who satisfies your sweet tooth in such a low price? Yes, there is only one outlet, which is, Sweet affairs.  Their menu covers a range of drinks form ice teas, to smoothies to Chillers to soda. Unlike, other typical food outlets, it actually uses fresh fruits to serve their guests with the best. We had the chance to celebrate a friend’s birthday, which showed how cooperative the staff was in understanding the demands and choice of its customers to pull off a super amazing event. Their main attraction which is the main course including saucy juicy chicken, beaf and sea food with different types of caesar, garlic, honey and mustard dressing, doesn’t let you take your eyes off the finely decorated dishes while fulfilling your every taste requirement. Last but not the least is their diversification of Salads. Most favorite is the crispy spinach and chicken salad. One of the good things about their salads is the amalgamation of vegetables and chicken because who does not like to have a little bit of chicken?

Sweet affairs - Pizza

We also had the chance to look at their clean and hygienic kitchen where we saw a live baking of their yummy pizzas. The most important thing is to have an open kitchen in any restaurant to make sure they are keeping up well with the commitment of our good health. The chefs there make every food item with such details and delicacy. Most importantly, you can customize your food a bit according to your diet plan. That’s a package, isn’t it?


Their presentation and ambience is the most appealing factor to visit the place again and again. So, Why to wait, when your tummy needs a yummy break? Go and visit this heaven full of delicious food to gratify your appetite.

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