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Lollywood has been waiting for this day because it seemed that Meera would stay single and not mingle with anyone. Finally Meera is getting married.

She made an announcement of getting married to the guy after the release of her upcoming film BAJI and claimed that her up coming marriage is a knot tied by her family. Meera emphasized on how it is hard to get good RISHTAS therfore It is a totally arrange marriage for her . This is quite dull for a celebrity who loves limelight but maybe it seems that Meera jee desires to have no spot lights on her personal matters for some apparent reason this time.
Meera never fails to entertain the audience and nor does she escapes the headlines. She tried to push the matter , or as seen , push away the matter from continuity where as one of the pioneers in this industry interviewing her, Nadia Khan, did not let the matter jerked off the screen. Nadia khan extracted more of it for all of us and Meera revealed that she is not romantic at all off screen which may concide with the image we have of her as charming Meera Jee. Well Meera did seem to be excited for her wedding as she requested Nadia khan to dance along with her and be a part of her mayon ceremony. None the less she even requested for a mayon dress from Nadia khan which laid us all astray. This brings in alot of thoughts to what Meera was actually trying to potray but nobody knows what she actually wanted to reflect the light upon.

Meera has a very dramatic history regarding relationships and it is very interesting to see her wishing for much more by feeding the media with this news. Meera accepted that she has not talked to her Mr.Right that much and does not intend too as this might be another flight going down if she does although she enjoys seeing him from a distance. She seemed not so confident in making her statements and tried to cover it up by bringing up her Film again and again. Who knows if its a film promotional stunt , a best selling performance on screen or the reality as promised publically by her. It might be a shock to alot of people that they are not finding any spark in this short so called to be wed tale narrated by Meera jee but according to Meera she is a proud Pakistani happily bounded by muslim culture and she is more than ready to accept the choices made by her elders hence Meera sets another record to leave the viewers astounded. She openly spoke about how people maybe broad minded but at the end cultures are to be respected and followed with regards to the society one dwells in. This was a very mature statement by Meera.There were alot of moments full of surprises, afterall its Meera jee and Nadia khan coming face to face since 2015 on screen, a pure package of entertainment presented to us by a known local channel. We are grateful to see them back hanging out together and multiplying smiles. Meera jee seemed to be the sweetest as always. We are deadly looking forward for her upcoming film BAJI or shall we re write it as the most awaited real Meera Jee ki shadi happening right after it as promised by THE MEERA JEE. One or the other, we wish her luck for both.