Sunsilk Long and Healthy Hairs Get ready for a wedding seasons

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Sunsilk has as of late presented their new range for Long and Healthy hair through a tempting new Advertisement on how vital long hair is for a regular young lady particularly for events, for example, weddings, be it their own particular or a friends.

The sunsilk long and healthy promotion concentrates on the wedding seasons and how every young lady needs her hair to be long right now since long, solid hair will look perfect with our traditional lehngas and dresses. The young lady in the ad is super excited  for her friend’s wedding and reveals that she’ll be there with her gorgeous and long  hair and the friends  advises her that it’s just in a couple of months! Be that as it may, she makes it to her closest companion’s wedding shocking and leaving in stunningness every one of her friends since she has spectacularly healthy long hair.

Sunsilk’s new variation ‘Long and healthy ‘ is for the neo-Cinderella young lady who needs to grow her hair long in the most beneficial way. The young lady sees her hair as the best instrument which fires her up.

Sunsilk’s long and healhty guarantees to grow 4 CM in 3 months. The shampoo has Biotin, a solid hair growth vitamin which sustains the nourishment of the  hair from tip to root


Sunsilk long and healthy is a progressive shampoo containing vitamin B7 otherwise called Biotin. Like every other vitamin, Biotin has its offer of medical advantages. Gotten from the greek word Biotos, which implies life, Biotin is an essential supplement that encourages hair development to its fullest potential every month. Actually, Biotin doesn’t simply advance hair development, it adds more life to it. Which is the reason it’s frequently alluded to as hair sustenance. Biotin inadequacy is known to bring about dryness of the scalp, dandruff and male pattern baldness. So in the event that you believe you’re not as fortunate as some of your friends who have long hair, at that point it’s chance you change the way you think. Or, then again far better, change your shampoo since all your hair needs is a solid increase in biotin. Sunsilk Long and Healthy is the ideal partner for each young lady who needs to grow her hair in the most beneficial way.

Normal hair growth  is 1.25 cm a month yet absence of nourishment comes in the way. Presently there’s nothing to stress over

Hair and scalp master, Dr Fransesca Frusco says, ” When you have hair on your side you feel good, because you look good. It contributes to you as a person, from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed.”