Sunny Deol to Launch his Son KARAN

Sunny Deol, who continues to be best remembered for his performance in Ghayal, is prepared with his next  directorial, the sequel to the action drama, Ghayal Once Again. In a candid chat, Sunny talks about the film, the roadblocks on the way and more. Excerpts:
Q Ghayal was released in 1990, how was the journey of 25 years?
I had faced a lot of difficulties while making Ghayal. We went to so many producers but no one wanted to make the film. Cinema was very difficult to make in those days. After so many years, I want to make the film my way. In fact, I had a thought of the sequel 7-8 years ago but it didn’t materialise.
Q How did the casting for the movie happen? 
All four actors were finalised after a series of screen tests. Soha Ali Khan has an interesting role of a psychiatrist in the film.
Q What took you so long for your second directorial after Dillagi in 1999? 
It just happened. I took a break after directing Dillagi and got busy with acting in films.
Q Do you feel that a sequel to Ghayal in 2015 can repeat the success of 1990? 
Definitely. I know many years have passed but it doesn’t matter. I feel if the content is good, it will work.
Q You have not been a part of popular awards so far. Your thoughts? 
It hardly bothers me. For me, critics are no one. I don’t acknowledge them at all. They don’t know about anything. They have no idea what a director or an actor is doing in the film. I feel bad that people are reviews driven.
Q You have ruled the ’90s. Do you think those kind of films are dated now?
Surprisingly, I have never worked with a big director or banner except in Darr. It never affects me. I feel my audience is very much with Ghayal. To me the 100-crore figure is not a concern. I think the distribution and promotions are the biggest tools today. It is the simple formula of demand and supply.
Q So, has your ‘Dhai Kilo Ka Haath’ become five kilos? 
I never knew that my dialogues would haunt me so much (laughs). The kind of action I do has always been real. It was never like my one punch blew 100 cars away.
Q What’s next after Ghayal Once Again? 
I am now only focusing on launching my elder son Karan in my next film.
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