Sublime by Sara Shahid for PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2013

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Sublime by Sara collection for the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week ‘NOW, Summer Sublime 2013’ is inspired by the designer Sara Shahid’s belief in the importance of living for the here and now – a desire to live for the moment. With ‘NOW! Summer Sublime 2013’ the designer invites audiences to step into a world of bright and bold colours, showcasing a heady mix and balance of femininity and funk, the loud with the soft and the neons with the neutrals. Trends expected within this collection range from neon references, stud embellishments, floral and striped prints and cropped jackets and pants. A brand minimalist by nature, Sara Shahid’s structural emphasis for ‘NOW! Summer Sublime 2013’ remains on tailored cuts and drape, resting on the brands ethos of the power of understated glamour.


With an international degree in fashion marketing and design, Sara Shahid has been designing since 1998 and has come to be regarded as a connoisseur of craft, an acclaimed entrepreneur and as a fashion icon in her own right.  She introduced her independent label Sublime by Sara in 2003 to Pakistan. Sara’s design expertise and versatility have enabled her to share her talent both within Pakistan and abroad, where she assumes the role of a fashion ambassador and makes a concerted effort to promote a progressive image of Pakistan.