Styling tricks to make you look thinner

Every girl has a day when they feel they look fat. Plenty of us are very conscious about our weight and we even tend to feel insecure about how we might look.

No matter what we weight, some times we feel bloated or like nothing fits us right.

But however few simple fashion tips can help you look a little bit skinnier.

Here are few clothing details that will force the eyes to look up and down at you rather than side to side.

Style-experts shares inside scoop on silhouettes that will make you look stunning, type of cuts and style that camouflage and perfect fabrics that will easily hide our physical part that we aren’t confident about.

  • Cinch with skinny belts


To look slim, wear cinch dresses and tunics with skinny belts. They help define your natural waist in the most flattering way possible.

A thick belt can look very harsh on you, which can in turn cause you to look stumpy.

A common trick curvy girl often use in the winter that we love is to cinch a boxy coat with a skinny belt in a fun print, like leopard.

  • Don’t discount frilled tops


A body fitted black/dark color top will always make you look thin and hide your flaws. A simple plain top might not be as effective as a top which has details LIKE PLEATS, FRILLS, PIN TUCKS etc and flamboyant designs.

  • Mask problem areas with colour


If you don’t want to wear black, just try masking your problem areas with the shade.  Not thrilled with your legs but love your upper body? Mask them all with a well fitted pair of black pants or a skirt, and add a bright pop colour on the top. To hide your heavy and broad arms or hips, choose a tailored black blazer and show off your bottom half with some brightly coloured shorts or a skirt.

  • Rock out with vertical stripes


The second oldest trick in the book: Vertical stripes create an illusion of length, thus making you look, well taller.

Bonus: Stripes are super “in” right now, so you’ll have absolutely no problem locating some cute options. And while we’re on the subject of stripes, it’s a common fashion folklore that horizontal stripes can make you look wider.

That’s actually false, as a Breton striped shirt tucked into dark jeans flatter every woman.

  • Choose heels with a low-cut vamp


Here’s a small trick that can change the way you shoe shop: Shoes that have a low-cut vamp instantly elongate and make your legs look slender when you’re wearing skirts, shorts and dresses.

Now, whats a vamp? It’s the portion of a shoe that cuts across your foot at the front. So, a low vamp cuts across the base of the toes, while high vamp can come up the foot and possibly up to the ankle. If you’re able to find a pair that matches your skin tone, all the better to give the illusion of slim legs.

Speaking of shoes, a heel- think two and a half inches and above – lifts the body and makes clothes fall better, which gives you a slimmer appearance. Look for pumps with slightly pointed toes and thin heels, as opposed to square-toes, super-chunky styles or thick ankle straps, all of which can give the appearance of shorter, stockier legs.

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