Strepsils Stereo Season – 2


Strepsils Stereo is a music platform that introduced Acappella for the first time in Pakistan in collaboration with Ali Noor and BIY Music.

Acapella is music produced either solo or by a group without using any instruments. The sound produced in this genre of music is entirely done through vocal variations.

Season 1 of Strepsils Stereo was launched with a rendition of Khayal Rakhna featuring known artists such as Ali Noor, Rachel Vicajji, Zoe Vicajji, Sara Haider and Ahsan Pervaiz. This song was an instant hit on charts across the country and was appreciated even by music lovers across the border.

Strepsils, as a brand, promotes clear throat allowing people to sing freely letting their voices take charge. The other songs from the season include Rang De and Dil Jo Chahe.

This Independence Day Strepsils is launching season 2 with a patriotic song invoking the nationalistic spirit of unity and celebration. The song will not only feature renowned artists but all engage the entire country in the spirit of independence.

It’s not just any other patriotic song, it’s a song that every single individual in the country can resonate with at this point in time. It is the voice of our nation!

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