Step into the “Jewels of Secret Garden” fashioned by Aisha Sadya at BCW 2018! Enjoy the fairytale on ramp!

This year BCW18 has been encrusted with amazing lineup of fascinating themes that fueled us all up with the stunning collections on board! Three days of consecutive bridal collections, the 2nd day of the event went even more stimulating than the first one as it catered the most awaited designers to showcase their exemplary tapestry on the ramp and we couldn’t take our eyes off the ramp as it grabbed our attention! The stone intricate jewelry, spot on makeup and ensembles that corresponds to the contemporary wedding season. Aisha Sadya has come up with the booming theme this time that fabricates the absolute fairytale story through the collection that inculcates all the aspects of the love story between the prince and her beloved!

Rightly selected Aiman Khan and Muneeb butt as their show stopper, Aisha sadya elegantly designed the outfits according to the respective theme. Completely into love,doesn’t care about worldy wealth, the princess set up the garden of secrets enriched with beautiful flowers, stones and marbles that were brought fromm all over the world by prince who loved her. He brings plants and flowers from all over the world in all the colours that an eye can perceive.He fills the walkways with smooth tiles made from precious stones. He peppers the garden with fountains of the clearest waters and gives his beloved the jewels that nature grows every day, the jewels that are as priceless as his love for her. The colour palette of the themed collection has been inspired by floral, stones, birds and crystal clear water in the divine place!

The collection totally fabricated the pearls, roses and embroidery that illustrates the romantic ambiance mesmerizing all the people witnessing it!

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