Stay home stay safe: Shop online! Have a look at THESE brands for Eid shopping 2020!

Going through tough times and under uncertain conditions, it is essential to keep our hopes high and stay contented. Ramadan is about in end in few days and people rushed to the markets which are opened after lockdown. It is high risk for people as corona virus can spread substantially owing to the crowd and gatherings in markets. The rise in cases and death tally have been increasing since then. The responsibility is on us as a nation that we should be extra careful and take necessary precautionary measures to protect ourselves and our families. First thing first, this year eid should be celebrated in a simple way and help needy people around us. But if it’s quite necessary to shop for eid then you must opt for online shopping as it would be a lot safer.

Here are some of your favorite brands that are offering amazing articles online within reasonable prices!

Ethnic by Outfitters:

Eastern wear would be the first choice of every woman during these days as Eid is just around the corner. Ethnic is offering amazing Eid collection 2020 online with sale on pret wear,making it easy for women to chose their luxurious article within nominal price range.


Khaadi has been hot favorite brand of ladies and dazzled everyone by their scintillating eastern eid collection 2020 online. From vibrant colours pret wear to sublt unstitched embellished joras, Khaadi is the right place to have it all!


Sapphire is known for it’s extravagant quality and exquisite prints. Ladies have been swooning over this brand and inculcate their wardrobe with it’s articles. Sapphire has launched it’s immaculate Eid collection 2020 online and women are drooling over their fascinating articles.


Limelight is offering grandeur prints and summer-oriented cuts within nominal price range.

Gul Ahmed:

Gul Ahmed is offering 50% off on it’s exotic collection online. Celebrate your Eid by donning exceptional latest silhouettes while staying at home.

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