Has Sridevi’s daughter Janvi gone under the knife to get a makeover?


Sridevi’s daughter Janvi Kapoor was being groomed for her Bollywood debut much before Karan Johar decided to launch her in the Sairat remake. And we don’t mean in terms of undergoing training and learning the craft. It’s the physical transformation that we are talking about and it’s not just about her weight. She has undoubtedly gone under the knife to acquire a chiselled look. Just see how her nose and jawline have changed. In the first picture, her nose is broad and blunt, but in the second one, it is sharp and narrow. Even other facial features are sharper and the jawline is pronounced, with high cheek bones. In short, from a simple girl she has transformed into a glam diva. After all, she has her mummy to thank, who knows all the tricks of the trade as she herself had undergone a transformation years ago.

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