LAHORE (June 2013) – This season the Dockers® brand celebrates the enjoyment of getting dressed and the importance in the art of style and grooming as part of our daily lives. Dockers® Spring/Summer 2013, available at all Dockers® stores in Pakistan, is a collection of conviction and the stakes are high.

Through the Wear the Pants platform – the Dockers® brand’s focus on masculinity is unwavering. Dockers® help men feel their most confident and masculine when they get dressed, enabling them to go about their day with swagger and absolute self-assurance. The collection moves seamlessly as the season progresses, from the brand offering of Khakis and vibrant range of Casual Shirts. The seasonal trend is still very much about colour blocking and bold checks.

Over the past few seasons there has been resurgence in the way men dress, a desire almost to stand out from the crowd. The modern day Pakistani guy is all absorbed in the finer details of dress. Clothes are important to him. How a pair of pants fit, the material and tailoring, every nuance is considered until the perfect ensemble is achieved. The Dockers® Spring Summer 2013 line is all about men preparing for their daily battle by getting ready for the task at hand. The Dockers® brand offers the best tools available; Dockers® khakis. The Dockers® brand is all about mixing it up and not taking oneself too seriously.

The Dockers® Alpha Khaki – “where jeans end and khaki begins” – this season has evolved – still in-keeping with the distinct top-block (with five pockets) – only now with premium executions bringing newness to the must-have khaki pant. Spring Summer 2013 offers a sharp range of finishes and construction details; rigid twill waxed finish, a slub twill canvas, patch pockets and knee panels, an authentic selvedge, each giving a completely different attitude.

The Dockers® guy is someone who wants to look casual and feel at ease without compromising his style. This season the Dockers® brand provides the tools every man needs to deliver from dawn to dusk, seven days a week; “Get dressed like you mean it”. No questions asked.

About the Dockers® Brand

The Dockers® Brand has embodied the spirit of khaki for more than 25 years.  Since their introduction in 1986, Dockers® has been perfecting khakis—and the essential goods to go with them — all over the world.  No compromises in quality. Just versatile, essential style. Day to night.  Monday to Sunday. Wearing the pants has never looked so good.

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