Sonya Hussayn turned down Mehwish’s role in Mere Pass Tum Ho due to THIS reason!

Creating a hype on social media and took the internet by storm owing to it’s emotional attachment with the fans, Mere Pass tum Ho had become a phenomena that has gotten attention for all the right reasons. Showing a negative aspect of women that prevails in society, the drama has been applauded yet criticized at various grounds. Ayeza Khan had too stated that she was afraid to do Mehwish’s character!

In an interview with Iffat Omer, the stunning actress Sonya Hussain revealed that she was offered to play Mehwish’s role in Mere Pass tum ho. When asked why did not she do it, she responded wisely that she did not want to portray a negative image of women in society as it would provoke more chaos and she did not want that.

“While I know it’s a story and there are actors who play these characters, but I can’t see women characterised in such a negative light. I just couldn’t accept the role.”

When asked if she regretted making that choice once the drama became a hit and the ratings were off the charts, Hussyn responded with, “Not at all. I took the decision after putting in a lot of thought behind it. I just couldn’t accept it.”

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