Sonam Kapoor spreading peace movement and being trolled brutally by Indians!!

Indian celebrities are provoking war and passing negative comments on twitter whereas Pakistani celebrities are sharing peace messages to create serenity amidst surmounting tension rising between countries. The cheerful lady in Bollywood Sonam Kapoor is all supporting peace to be prevalent between countries but she is trolled on various grounds because of her optimism and saying no to war.

Here what the actress has to say, “The average Indian has more in common with the average Pakistan than he does with a Hindu fundamentalist who wants to bomb in the name of Ram and lynch minorities and rally in support of child rapists. “She added, “Ordinary citizens everywhere just want to have a normal life and go to world and raise their children well and save up for a decent home. “The cost of this extraordinary hatred between fundamentalists in both countries is eventually going to be paid by the ordinary citizens of both countries and the soldiers who are always first in line of a fire they did not ignite.”

Following her statement, Sonam received severe backlash from Twitter users in war-mad India.

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