Sonakshi Sinah talks about her beauty secrets

Sonakshi Sinah

The Bollywood beauty Sonakshi Sinah finally reveals her beauty secrets that could help you get better hair and skin.

What’s the secret to your Beautiful hair?

Sonakshi Sinha: I follow a very basic hair care regime. I use a good shampoo followed by a good conditioner however I try to use products which have minimal chemicals in them and products which are natural. I feel a balanced lifestyle with a good diet contributes immensely to healthy skin and hair.

What’s your skincare regime like?

Sonakshi Sinah: Being beautiful is a very integral part of my profession and I always have to make time for it. Not that I spend hours on myself… It’s the little things that matter like cleaning your face and removing make up before sleeping, using the right moisturiser, drinking lots of water, applying sunblock before stepping out. Little things go a long way.

Describe your personal style?

Sonakshi Sinah: My personal style is very casual and simple. I’m a very jeans and T-shirt kind of a person. Even when I dress up, I like keeping it simple.

How do you combat bad hair days?

Sonakshi Sinah: I just pull it back and tie it into a high ponytail.

A beauty tip you can give our readers

Sonakshi Sinah: I rub ice on my skin. It really helps to close the pores on my face and gives me a nice, healthy glow. It works as a natural blush.

What Bollywood flicks are you working on now? What have you recently signed on.

Sonakshi Sinah: I have three films in the pipeline… Bullet Raja with Saif Ali Khan, Once Upon a time in Mumbai with Akshay Kumar & Imran Khan and Lootera with Ranveer Singh.

Tell us about your association with Streax?

Sonakshi Sinah: I endorse products that I use and have experienced for myself. I believe in the brand and I can identify with it. When I was approached to be the face for Streax hair color I grabbed the opportunity because the brand believes in all things natural and I trust the brand. It gives my hair an amazing colour with the right amount of care. It has a special ingredient which is walnut oil which nourishes the hair. Usually women feel that hair looks dull and dry after a few days of colouring… Not in their case. My hair looks healthy and beautiful even weeks after colouring.

What’s in your make-up pouch?

Sonakshi Sinah: Lots and lots of make up. I have my concealer, my Estee Lauder orange lipstick, blush, kajal, mascara and eye lash curler.

What’s a major fashion/beauty faux pas you’ve made?

Sonakshi Sinah: Luckily I have never had a major fashion/beauty faux pas.

What’s your favorite travel location and why?

Sonakshi Sinah: I love visiting London. The city has an amazing vibe and I love shopping in London.


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