Some of the tips we got from celebrities to spend our time during quarantine: It’s fun!

Its’ the need of the hour to put ourselves in self-quarantine in order to save ourselves and loved ones from Corona virus. It seems that our entertainment fraternity is taking this quite seriously as well as they are taking caring of themselves while working and many of the celebrities are gone into quat rantine for some weeks. Not only that, these celebrities are using their social media platforms to educate their fans and people in general, to take this issue with severity and take necessary precautions. From Hollywood to Lollywood, all celebrities are showing us perfect ways to spend time during this time of difficulty and isolation. Here is the list of celebrities that are making the most out of and suggesting some of the ways to lessen the boredom!

Spending time with their family members, pets & cleaning their houses, these celebrities are giving us major inspiration to utilize this time in positive manner while staying safe!

Humayun Saeed and Adnan siddique:

As the actors traveled back from US, being responsible citizens they are not going home instead they are staying in a room in compete isolation for few days and showing the best way to combat against the cornona Virus.

Adnan Malik:

Adnan Malik recently took to his twitter and shared the perfect ways to spent quarantine that would be beneficial for us.

Amir Khan:

Boxer Amir Khan is spending his time with lil new born baby and advsing everyone to sepnd time with their loved ones and stay home.

Ellen Degeneres:

Veteran Hollywood Show host Ellen deneres has postponed all her shows and spending her isolation time with fun as she posted a video in which she is solving the comolicated puzzle.

Jutin Bieber & Hailey Badwin:

During Quarantine, Justin and Hailey have found themselves another pass time activity. They are learning dance moves for Tik Tok.

Priyanka chopra:

Spending time with the pets isthe best thing to decrease depression and get over certain negative elements around us.Priyanka Chopra is having some time out and enjoying with her pets.

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