Solo Exhibition by Dr. Mohsen Kiany

LAHORE: Ejaz Gallery is showing Dr Mohsen Kiany’s paintings in an exhibition, titled Bagh-e-Rang that highlights Iranian sufism, poetry, culture and various other aspects.

The artist’s use of blue, orange and green justifies the title.

Kiany said, “In my paintings, I have tried to show the beauty of the Iranian culture. I have highlighted it through colours that best represent the culture and tradition of Shiraz.”

The artist has used several techniques including drawings lines with the back of the brush and a knife. He has highlighted the importance of the city as an arts and cultural hub. Some of the paintings use calligraphy to represent the religious and spiritual content of an Islamic culture.

Dr Naheed Malik, an artist and teacher, said that the Kiany had a unique approach towards Sufism.

“His use of both males and females while depicting sufis themes shows the importance he has given to women,” she said.

The exhibition will remain open till April 15.

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