So impressed by our artists supporting their co-artists: Mahira Khan and Osama Khalid butt’s convo says it all!

Mahira Khan personifies an exemplary voice that explicitly stand for the right no matter what. Whether it be national or international matter, she has intensified what seems to be right. Osama Khalid Butt has also taken to the social media and showed his stance over censorship on Sarmad Khoosat’s directorial named Zindagi Tamasha and urged the artists who are going to PISA 2020 to raise their voices.

Zindagi Tamasha was slated to be 2020’s first Pakistani film release, meant to hit cinemas on January 24.

But it got censored by the government and not only that the director had been receiving threats.

In respond to that, Superstar Starlet Mahira Khan tweeted that the artists from the Industry should speak against this injustice and prompt them to support Zindagi Tamsaha as being silent would be a crime;

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